Unlock Confidence in Your DM's

Tired of awkward conversations and constant rejection in your direct messaging?

Present your offers with confidence and get the YES without feeling pushy or uncomfortable.

What you'll learn in this video series

  • Present Your Offers with Faith-Based Confidence: Showcase your offers authentically and confidently, aligned with Christian values.

  • Get the YES Without Being Pushy: Discover strategies to close deals without making your prospects feel pressured and align with your faith and values.

  • Handle Objections Gracefully: Equip yourself with skills to manage objections smoothly, turning potential NOs into opportunities.

  • Master Successful Sales Conversations: Learn the key elements of successful sales conversations for Christian entrepreneurs.

  • Improve Conversion Rates: Identify common mistakes and learn how to correct them to boost your conversion rates.

  • Develop a Resilient Mindset: Build the mental toughness needed to handle rejections and turn them into learning experiences.

  • Raise Your Confidence: Transform your approach to direct messaging, increasing your confidence and success rate.

What my clients say about me

Courtney is someone who will transform your life. I had one call with her and then I booked my first ever sales call! Her coaching is very powerful!

- Quinn Downey

Business Coach

Courtney is utterly brilliant & everything she touches turns to gold! I was nervous to hire her as I've had poor experiences with coaches but she has skyrocketed my results after just ONE DAY working together!

- Jessa Bellman

Passive Income Coach

If anyone is one the fence about hiring Courtney, just do it! In just 3 WEEKS my life has transformed so quickly, it's crazy to think it's only been 3 weeks!

- Kailee Holbert-Leg

Holistic Practicioner

After only ONE CALL I felt like Jasmin from Aladdin, A whole new world! Courtney is knowledgable, caring, and a go-to-confidence Coach!

- Tammi M


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